First of all - Welcome to RAG Conference 2017! We at Southampton RAG are so excited to welcome you here after a years planning. We’ve got lots in store for you, including opportunities to improve your RAG, expand your network, and learn about the workings of other RAG’s and charities.

But first of all - What is RAG Conference? We realise that we have a huge mixture of people here, including RAG’s and charities who have been coming to Conference since the day it began and others who have only just heard of it! Basically we want to provide an environment where RAG’s, Staff members, charities and companies all can come together to learn from each other in order to raise as much money as possible for charity. This years conference runs from 29th August to 31st August 2017.

We will be offering a range of different seminars which cover various topics so that everyone feels like they have the chance to learn something new. We also will be having a Charity Fayre (sort of like your Fresher Fayres) which is a chance for all the charities to display what they have to offer. We hope that this will allow charities to connect with new RAG’s and reconnect with ones they have worked with in the past.

Finally, we offer the chance to meet an amazing group of people. Each year old friends are brought together and new ones are made. This means that not only do you build up your networks, RAG to RAG, RAG to charity or any other combination, but also gain friends which can offer advice and support throughout the year.

Southampton RAG had an amazing time at RAG Conference last year, and we hope that you all are able to enjoy it this year as much as we did!

Looking forward to meeting you all soon,

Issy Worrall (RAG President 2016/17) and the rest of Southampton RAG conference committee