Dan Varley

Dan Varley - Chair

As chair of the 2017 conference committee, Dan’s in charge of overseeing all decisions made, liaising between the Union and the conference committee, and having the final say on all decisions. Dan is the current Vice-President Engagement at the Student’s Union, and works with RAG on all of their projects!

Issy Worrall

Issy Worrall - Vice-Chair

Vice-Chair Issy aids Dan in all his decision making and offers advice and guidance to all areas of the committee. As 2016/17 Rag President, Issy provides a bridge and aided discussion between Southampton Rag and Southampton’s Student Union.

Ben Shaw

Ben Shaw - Day Events

Ben’s in charge of the organisation and running of all the sessions during the day, selecting the titles of the seminars, the presenters and the content. He will work with the volunteer teams to make sure that everything during the day runs smoothly and that people get the most out of the sessions and networking as they can.

Alex Darling

Alex Darling - Evening Events

Alex is in charge of planning, running and organising all events that we’re putting on in the evening, handpicking Southampton’s finest entertainment just for you. He can often be found in Jesters debating the finer merits of a Jesticle compared to a Fuzzy Duck.

Dellisia Harrop

Dellisia Harrop - Marketing

Dellisia is in charge of all things social media, from helping create the Rag Conference 2017 brand, to overseeing the promotional material like the website and posters. Dellisia is famous across Southampton for her puns, so keep an eye out for those across our Conference pages! She will be working with the volunteer communications team to make sure that everyone coming to conference knows what’s going on.

Dan Noel

Dan Noel - Volunteer Coordinator

As the Volunteer Coordinator, Dan is responsible for recruiting RAG Conference volunteers and organising them into various roles to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the event. Dan will liaise with the other committee members to make sure that all their activities have all the right volunteers and will be organising any necessary training.

Standing Members

Tallulah Lyons, Simon Pinney, Will Coussens, Nathan Ruttley and Charlie Morris

Standing Members

Our committee Standing Members are there to help out, offering advice, providing valuable knowledge and supporting any area that may need it. Some have been to a RAG Conference before, and some are bring a fresh new look to this year’s event and are generally helping to make conference as amazing as it can be!