29 August - 01 September 2017

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This year we’ve cut down on the number of seminars available in order to make sure that each is fully attended. We’ve done our research and these are the subjects which came out as the most wanted.

Alongside the amazing seminars listed below we are introducing a brand new event to Conference - a Charity Panel.

The Charity Panel will consist of several charities who are there to answer all your questions, whether they be RAG-related or about life in the third sector world. We hope that this will give charities, companies and RAG’s the chance get off their back any queries or qualms which are not covered in the sessions. We are really excited about this new opportunity and we hope that you are too!

At the same time we will be hosting the Staff Networking session, which will be run in a similar way to the event last year. We don’t have a planned structure - simply walk around and catch up with old friends - or make some new ones! Oh and maybe trade a few RAG related war stories and some best practice.

30th August | 10:30 - 11:20

Keiran Reals

Leading from the Front

Kieran Reals (Southampton RAG)

Regardless of the role you play in a committee, there will be a point in the year where you need to stand up and take the lead. Whether you are forming a team or recruiting a room, there is no better way to do this than from the front.

Sanmeet Kaur - IntoUniversity Helen Roberts - IntoUniversity

How to Choose a Charity that’s Right for You

Sanmeet Kaur and Helen Roberts (IntoUniversity)

Charities are currently in the media spotlight, for all the wrong reasons. This interactive talk will equip students, SU staff, and commercial partners with a comprehensive checklist and accompanying toolkit for identifying a trustworthy, effective, and valuable charity.

Rosie Hunnam - NUS

History of Student Fundraising

Rosie Hunnam (National Union of Students)

An overview of the colourful history of RAG and student fundraising; from where ‘rag’ began to where we are today, including some lessons learnt along the way. People attending this session are encouraged to bring along any items or papers from their own rag’s history for us to share and discuss.

Ben Collins - Student Jailbreak

Running a Jailbreak

Ben Collins (Student Jailbreak)

This session will aim to provide attendees with everything they need to know to organise their first ever hitchhike event, as well as providing tips and guidance on growing an existing Jailbreak or adapting a successful event into a new, spin-off event.

30th August | 13:00 - 13:50

Tom Hildebrand - Kings RAG

Utilising Sports Teams for Charity

Tom Hildebrand (Kings RAG)

Why do people choose to do sport? Why do people choose not to do charity work? This session looks at how to take advantage of the former, without getting caught up in the latter.

Sean Forshow - Karnival RAG Laura Giles - Karnival RAG

Large Event Planning

Sean Forshaw and Laura Giles (Karnival RAG)

This session looks at the details of planning a large scale event and what steps you need to take to make it as successful as possible. From promotion, budgeting and thoughts on themes and locations, you’ll come away with a really great idea on how to host the biggest and best events on your campus!

Rebecca Woolley - Reading RAG

Succeeding as a Small RAG

Rebecca Woolley (Reading RAG)

Consider yourself a Small RAG and want to do more? Then come along to this session led by Reading RAG and discuss things including tips for Freshers’, advice on marketing and how to work with volunteers.

Manny Kemp


Manny Kemp

Accounting can seem like a daunting topic, but this session is here to get rid of that fear and help you on your way to becoming a pro. With info on best practice for keeping accounts as a society, guidance on budgeting and tips on running a count room, you’ll have everything you need to feel much more confidant!

30th August | 17:00 - 17:50

Chris Wall - Childreach International

There’s more to social media than cat videos (apparently)

Chris Wall (Childreach)

Learn the 6 secrets to engage and grow your social media followers and get more people to your fundraising events this year!

Rachael Lynch - The National Autistic Society

RAG Raids: Tips and Tricks

Rachael Lynch (The National Autistic Society)

Want to get more out of some of the best events you can do during your time at RAG? Then come along to this session on Raids and learn all there is to know about planning, executing and keeping volunteers keen!

Calum Coker, Jamie Parsons, Hannah Schejbal - Carnival RAG + The Childrens Society

A marriage of Success: Forming Great RAG + Charity Partnerships

Calum Coker & Jamie Parsons (Carnival RAG) & Hannah Schejbal (The Children's Society)

Want to know how to turn raising £200 for a cause you care about into £93,000? Then come along to this session all about forming great RAG & Charity Partnerships. Expect top-tips for your Charity or RAG topped off with some speed-dating to find out if you too can form a successful partnership.

Grace Anderson - Student Minds Amelia Hartley - Student Minds

Student Mental Health: Supporting each other and your RAG

Grace Anderson & Amelia Hartley (Student Minds)

Being a University student can at times be quite tough, but getting involved in something like RAG can be a real help. This session looks at mental health, how you can better support those around you and gives some tips on how to better look after yourself.

31st August | 09:30 - 10:20

Tom DeFraine - Everyday Hero

Online Fundraising

Tom DeFraine (Everyday Hero)

As the world move more and more online, so does fundraising. In this session, Tom from Everydayhero, an online fundraising platform, will explore the importance of bringing storytelling to your online fundraising and bringing back that human touch…

Vicky Wallace - Hope For Children

Don’t just manage, lead! Techniques to achieve excellence with your volunteers

Vicky Wallace (Hope For Children)

There are a lot of long-held beliefs about working with volunteers, that simply aren’t true – or where they are, they’re only true because you make them so! In this session, you’ll discuss the best ways to motivate, keep volunteers around and how to communicate effectively.

Ben Skelton - Dig Deep

How to get the job you want - The Exceptional CV

Ben Skelton (Dig Deep)

Find out what employers actually want to see and learn how to craft your experience into the perfect CV

Mark Fox - Movember Foundation

Successful Campaigns

Mark Fox (Movember Foundation)

Successful campaigns are the key to building support for some amazing causes. This session will cover everything you need to think about when planning a campaign and how you can get the most out of it.

31st August | 10:30 - 11:20

Andy King - East African Playgrounds

The Voluntourist Slur and How to Tackle It

Andy King (East African Playgrounds)

A chance to discuss and dismantle the increasingly frequent arguments against international fundraising challenges – that participants are simply ‘voluntourists’ in it for ‘selfish reasons’, arming your RAG against nay-sayers who may knock their confidence during the all-important recruitment period.

Dave Charles - Bristol RAG

Sponsorship; A game of give and take

Dave Charles (Bristol RAG)

This session will begin by highlighting some examples of corporate sponsorship using RAG & non-RAG examples. We'll then look at how corporate sponsorship can help your RAG reach new highs, improving your events and allowing events to raise more. Finally, and most importantly, we'll then go through different methods to actually secure corporate sponsorship, make your RAG stand out from the noise and maintain the relationship to get repeat funding!

Margarita Palmer-Stanelik - SUSU

From Pitch to Pounds: The Networking Skills You Need to Succeed

Margarita Palmer-Stanelik (University of Southampton Students’ Union)

A lot of power and opportunities lie in your network – it is about who you know, how well you relate and what you go on to collaborate on! Establishing, building and maintaining positive relationships with individuals who will assist you in fulfilling your personal or professional goals is key, especially as you work towards supporting a cause you are passionate about and making this world a better place. Come along to take away tips and tricks on how to network like a pro, and turn your personal pitch into pounds for the charity of your choice!

Harry Ellison - Action Against Hunger

Branding & Re-branding: So much more than a logo

Harry Ellison (Action Against Hunger)

A brand is the currency by which you can influence others, raise money or attract more people to get involved. A brand is the entire framework from which an organisation can communicate its values to the world. Come along to this session to learn more about utilising a brand and to pick up a few tips if you think yours might need updating!