• Jesters/Clowns: a firm student favourite, Jesters and Clowns have a reputation nationwide and certainly won’t disappoint if you like a no-frills night out!
  • The Edge: Southampton’s largest gay nightclub which is now home to The Box Bar which serves a wide range of delicious cocktails
  • Switch: an independent nightclub to rival the likes of Oceana, Switch is the home of electronic, house and d’n’b in Southampton
  • Bedford Place: if you like small venues with a wide range of music, Bedford Place is the destination for you. There are several amazing bars and clubs clustered together so there is something for everyone

Late night food:

  • Manzils: Tariq or Tandori? The age old debate will most likely never be settled but either of these late-night curry houses will no doubt satisfy your need for a bhuna and bhaji at 3am
  • Chicoland: conveniently located next to Clowns, chicoland is famous for its chicken wrap and cheesy chips
  • Charcoal Grill: if a kebab is more up your street then Charcoal Grill on the Portswood high street is probably the destination for you!

Local Shops

Burgess Road:

  • Co-op: this is the closest shop to Glen Eyre Halls and stocks a few basics along with a selection of lunch options and beverages
  • Sainsbury’s Local: with slightly more selection that Co-op, Sainsbury’s local can be found a bit further down burgess road
  • Shell: this is the closest cash point to Glen Eyre Halls


  • Sainsbury’s: you can’t miss this huge supermarket as you come into Portswood, it stocks everything you would expect!
  • International foods: if you want a bit more range of authentic foods from overseas then International Foods has more variety than Sainsbury’s
  • Aldi: for the budget conscious, Aldi can be found just beyond Clowns and Sobar



  • The Stags: this is the Union’s pub, drinks prices are amongst the best around and there are deals on pitchers. The Stags also offers paninis and pizzas!
  • The Bridge: if a bar is more your vibe then the Bridge might be the place for you, lots of seating and tables means this is a great place to grab a coffee or a cocktail and some amazing food
  • Microwaves: located on the 4th floor of the Union (the top level), the microwaves can be used by anyone to heat up any food you like


  • Valley Gardens: if you want some peace and quiet, the University’s secret garden is a great place to escape to, it’s nestled behind the Union building.
  • Prayer Room: a prayer room is available for those who need it, check a map for where to find it as it is tucked away!